Behind the Scenes of PBS’s “Cyberchase” with Gilbert Gottfried

November 06, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried plays the wisecracking cyberbird “Digit” on Cyberchase, the long-running, Emmy award-winning series on PBS Kids that helps build kids’ math power.

Digit and his pals, the Cybersquad, embark on new adventures this Fall as they take on the evil villain Hacker to save the digital universe, Cyberspace. Their only weapon? Brain power.

The stakes are high for Digit this season. In one episode, he challenges Hacker to a cook-off to prove who can prepare the healthiest and best-tasting meal. But if Hacker wins, Digit’s friends must leave Cyberspace forever.

Gilbert Gottfriend and Cyberchase Producer Kristin Diquollo sit down with MetroFocus Contributor Andrea Vasquez to shares behind the scenes stories from “Cyberchase.”