A Business Made of Art and Ice

An Artist Cafe segment on ice sculptor Mark Crouthamel from WSKG.

Mark Crouthamel has a very ‘cool’ job. He is the lead sculptor and owner of Sculpted Ice Works and has over 15 years of experience in sculpting ice. It’s a precise art, but Crouthamel appreciates the joy it brings to others.
“My most favorite part about carving ice is the peoples’ reaction, it’s because it is a consumable art. Not just in the fact that it’s temporal, that it melts away, but it is meant to be displayed and viewed because it’s so short for a particular purpose,” he said.
Using a chainsaw and a grinder, Crouthamel can create anything from large-scale ice slides to dinosaur sculptures. It’s an art form that invites viewers to interact with the pieces.
“It’s not like a piece of art that’s maybe painted or a sculpture that’s painted that may sit in a room that nobody looks at,” said Crouthamel. “This is something that’s made to be used and consumed and then it goes away.”

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