Repairs Could Close Train Tunnels and Snarl Commutes for a Year

October 30, 2014 at 10:52 am

NJTVNewsBrenda Flanagan reports on Amtrak’s plans to repair the Hudson River train tunnels and Jenna Flanagan follows up with a conversation about the future of New York’s train tunnels in an interview with Richard Barone, the Regional Plan Association’s director of transportation programs.

A new engineering report shows cracks, crumbling concrete, exposed steel supports and leaks. It’s old age, plus corrosion from Sandy’s sea water storm surge. To fix it, Amtrak says, requires closing one tunnel for an entire year and squeezing all trains into one tunnel.

“It’s terrible. It’s just a bad idea,” said one woman.

That’s because 450 trains a day — mostly NJ Transit — travel these tunnels.

“If you don’t get on one train, you gotta wait for the next one. It’s gonna be delays like crazy,” said one man.

“They should find another route, I guess. Find some other way? Yeah. The trains are already as bad as they are. They’re delayed every day,” said another man.n

To repair the worst problems, Amtrak says it’s currently closing one tunnel at a time for a few hours each weekend. It’s a band-aid.

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