Preview May 8: Crime in Camden, Leave it to Beavers, Scuba Diving in Brooklyn

May 02, 2014 at 1:04 pm

On the next edition of MetroFocus, Albany Public TV Innovation Trail reporter Jenna Flanagan reports from Millbrook, New York, where scientists are searching for clues on how to protect people from one of the biggest dangers of warmer weather – ticks. Lyme disease is one of the most commonly known diseases borne from deer ticks throughout the Northeast. But doctors warn that there are other tick-borne diseases which, left untreated, can lead to chronic illness.

Camden, New Jersey has been listed as one of the nation’s poorest and most violent cities for years. Last year, the city formed the Camden County Police Department, which is equipped with new technology and more police officers patrolling the city hoping to crack down on crime. Now, as NJTV News managing editor and anchor Mike Schneider reports, there may be signs of improvement. “We have police officers walking in neighborhoods in Camden City. We have not seen an officer walking the beat in decades,” Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. tells Schneider.

Beavers never make the list of cuddliest animals and they’re often considered more pest than problem solver. But it turns out that the industrious rodents may be true “eco-heroes.”  On May 14, PBS Nature premieres Leave it to Beavers, a documentary about North American beavers, their habits, history and role as one of nature’s top infrastructure engineers. Filmmaker Jari Osborne tells MetroFocus host Rafael Pi Roman the behind-the-scenes story of the new documentary, and how the beaver “could possibly be the key to saving our world’s fresh water supplies.”

And an up close look at an underwater classroom. David Frank of The New York Times introduces us to a group of seniors from the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, a public high school on Governor’s Island with a special focus on marine science and technology. Over the past winter, nine students got the chance to keep up with their underwater education at a surprisingly close-to-home location – the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

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