Stories of the Storm Memorialized in Long Beach

October 02, 2013 at 3:17 pm

A Long Beach resident records and collects Hurricane Sandy stories from her community.

While it’s been almost a full year since Hurricane Sandy, memories and consequences of the storm remain vivid for many residents and survivors. In Long Beach, such memories are the subject of one resident’s oral history project.

Mary Anne Trasciatti, a 14-year Long Beach resident and Hofstra University professor of rhetoric, created the project as a way to capture and memorialize the Sandy stories from her community. Since starting the project last December, she has interviewed almost 50 people.

“I noticed that people really wanted to talk about their experiences. So I thought I would interview people and invite them to tell their story,” Trasciatti told reporter Jim Paymar.

Trasciatti hopes that the oral history will eventually be useful for sociologists, researchers, historians and filmmakers. She hopes that it will be useful for Long Beach residents as well, to show people that their stories matter.

“You don’t have to make it to the front page of the newspaper.  What you experienced, what you felt, what you thought, what you saw is important,” said Trasciatti. “And I’d like for that to be a lasting effect of this project.”