Maritime Forest Aims to Protect Property from Strong Storms

Maritime Forest Aims to Protect Property from Strong Storms

October 30, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Today’s high wind gusts and stormy weather may be the first test for the new maritime forest in Bradley Beach, home to more than two dozen different varieties of trees, shrubs and grasses.

“This area took a pounding during Sandy and the very nature of the plants we’re doing here, the dunes we’re doing here that’s serious protection,” said Bradley Beach Mayor Gary Engelstad.

The forest, planted by a small army of volunteers along with borough and county staffers, is situated behind the dune system, which was wiped out by Sandy, and next to the lake, which filled with sand and other debris during the storm.

“All of the sand that would come off all the beaches, a majority of that sand would get captured here in this area and stay off the lake. You’re looking at probably a wind breaker,” said Coastal Ecologist Al Modjeski of AECOM.

Modjeski says the forest is meant to protect the beach town, promote resiliency, reduce storm risk and inspire the community.

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