NYC Votes 2013: Sal Albanese

NYC Votes 2013: Sal Albanese

August 07, 2013 at 3:39 pm

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Democratic candidate Sal Albanese served on the New York City Council from 1983 to 1997, representing the 43rd District in Brooklyn. He was a teacher in the New York Public School system for eleven years prior to serving in government. For the last nine years, Albanese has worked for independent financial services firm, Mesirow Financial.

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On job creation:
"The one thing that I will do is create more living wage jobs. I’ve got a plan to do that by – as you know I authored the city’s first living wage law in 1996 which provided for living wages for anybody who does business with the city in four areas. I want to expand that. We do 18 billion dollars-worth of contract in that every year. I want to make sure that every contractor who does business with the city pays their employees a living wage—12 dollars an hour including health benefits. And that’s going to be, that’s going to be one of the benchmarks of my mayoralty. I also want to use the city’s great economic leverage to employ New Yorkers. For example, why can’t we built our subway cars, our buses, the taxis that we buy right here in New York City, in Hunt’s Point or Sunnyside Yard? That would create about 35,000 to 40,000 living wage jobs which would bring the unemployment rate down and also create a multiplier effect."

On improving education:
"I would focus on early intervention. You know, when I talk to parents and poor communities around the city, they know that IQ is not the problem. It’s poverty. Poverty causes stress, stress causes developmental issues. 0 to 3 is an important age. Kids come into our schools at 4 years of age from poor communities, they know about 300 words. Kids from middle class communities know about 1,400 words, so there is a huge gap and these kids wind up in special education, they wind up in our criminal justice system. We know now, beyond a reasonable doubt, that, that, the pivotal years are 0 to 3. So, I want to establish a Department for Early Learning, merge all the early child programs under one roof, and create pediatric wellness centers in low-income communities where parents, teachers, and doctors work together and, and begin to work with these kids before they come into our schools."

On the remainder of the campaign:
"People are beginning to hone in on the race. I always said that, that the last couple weeks are pivotal. Right now most people don’t know about Sal Albanese, about 75%, but we are going to get there because people start focusing, uh, the last two weeks of the race."

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