NYC Votes 2013: John Catsimatidis

NYC Votes 2013: John Catsimatidis

July 31, 2013 at 4:04 pm

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Republican candidate John Catsimatidis is a billionaire businessman. He is owner and CEO of Red Apple Group. Red Apple Group's holdings include the New-York based Gristedes grocery store chain.

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On early retirement:
"I’ve been talking to some, deputy mayors from the past, and asking for their ideas, one is come up with an idea that some of the people that want to retire early from our city, that don’t qualify, we give them early retirement over a short period of time and induce them, they go off, they retire, they, they’re happy, and then we could hire twice as many people because they’re getting hired at a lower rate than the senior people that are retiring."

On The World's Fair:
"I had been a firm believer in bringing back the World’s Fair. It’s the 50th anniversary. We have 52 million tourists a year. If we bring back the World’s Fair, the 50th anniversary of the ’64 World’s Fair, we can create another 30,000 jobs. We can create jobs in construction, we have to build more hotels, we have to build more, you know, have more restaurants. You know, bring in tourism, and make New York—continue to make New York-- the center of the world."

On Anthony Weiner:
"I’m not dwelling on it, I think the media is spending too much time on it. They asked me my opinion and even though I know Anthony, he’s a very smart kid, but you can’t make somebody a mayor who, who is the de facto Board of Education person, with our kids, that’s gone through what Anthony has gone through. You can’t do it. What, do you want to put Anthony in charge of the kids? So I just think that he’s a very smart kid, he should do another career."

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