Gale Force Wins: Upper West Siders Prefer Brewer

Gale Force Wins: Upper West Siders Prefer Brewer

June 11, 2013 at 11:56 am

The FIve Borough BallotIn order to gain a microcosmic perspective on the actual opinions of New Yorkers about the upcoming election, City & State and City Limits, in partnership with MetroFocus, present a new series: “The Five Borough Ballot.”


By now, many Upper West Siders know which candidates are running for mayor.

They may not like any of them particularly much, but they have heard about who’s out there.

But voters at Artie’s Deli in the West 80s who were chewing on pastrami sandwiches with marble rye are also chewing on candidates running for the down ballot races of public advocate and borough president.

“What’s-her-name’s son is Noah Gotbaum and is running for something,” Manhattan resident Kate Dedelioglu said. “Public advocate. Do I know of him? I’ve met him before and I know of him.”

Artie’s politically engaged customers were likely to support candidates for lower office if they had met them or seen them in the neighborhood.

That bodes well for Councilwoman Gale Brewer, who is hoping to become the next Manhattan borough president.


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