Work Begins to Remove Jet Star Roller Coaster from Ocean

Work Begins to Remove Jet Star Roller Coaster from Ocean

May 15, 2013 at 11:16 am

It’s been stuck in the Atlantic Ocean for more than six months. Today, a 150-ton crane finally began pulling pieces of the Jet Star roller coaster from the water.

“You know it’s been one of those double edge swords you go through. I think it’s the thing that got us the publicity, it put the eyes of the world on Seaside Heights,” said Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers. “So now what we’re seeing is the next natural step in progression. So it shows that we’re progressing, we’re moving along in a good timeline too, that we’re in the next stage of the new Seaside Heights.”

Crowds gathered along restaurant balconies to snap pictures. It was emotional for Oakland resident Patricia Hurley.

“Oh it’s sad because I used to ride that roller coaster years ago when I was a kid, so it was kinda sad,” Hurley said.

“Just like the rest of the boardwalk, it means a lot to many people growing up here in Jersey. Everyone’s been pretty much to the boardwalk so it’s sad, but I mean they’re doing such a fantastic job building it back up, the memories will be there even though everything is going to be kinda new,” said Waretown resident Lucy Sutera.

“I’m glad because it shows that they’re having the progress that they need. That is a hazard. They could not open a beach with that,” said Pompton Plains resident Carmen Holster.

Casino Pier hired Weeks Marine to remove the coaster and three other rides submerged underwater. The job’s estimated to take about 48 hours. Crews will work around the clock.

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