W’s Patrons Parse Quinn Versus Weiner And Union Contracts In Staten Island

W’s Patrons Parse Quinn Versus Weiner And Union Contracts In Staten Island

May 30, 2013 at 10:09 am

The Five Borough BallotIn order to gain a microcosmic perspective on the actual opinions of New Yorkers about the upcoming election, City & State and City Limits, in partnership with MetroFocus, present a new series: “The Five Borough Ballot.”


The dog days of campaign season are beginning to set in and the patrons at W’s in Tottenville are already feeling mayoral race fatigue. Christine Quinn? A name with little significance in these parts. Anthony Weiner? An energized presence in the race but more famous for his infidelities than his accomplishments. John Liu? Bill de Blasio? Practically anonymous in these far reaches of the borough.

“We need a candidate, but it’s too early,” said Patrick, a tanned, burly retired firefighter enjoying an evening drink with his wife and some friends.

Patrick encapsulates W’s political profile: a former city employee, anti-Bloomberg, a registered Republican but not beholden to his party. Career politicians like Quinn and Weiner turn him off. Former mayor Ed Koch and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, with their gift for gab and endearing personalities, are the standard to which Patrick holds all other politicians.

“Chris Christie, I wish he could run,” Patrick said. “He would cut through all the [nonsense] and just get stuff done.”

Alas, Christie seems to be preparing for a more high stakes election in the coming years. But what of Weiner, the resurgent former congressman suddenly back in the public eye after leaving office in ignominious fashion? Patrick, a resident of Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, actually has fond memories of Weiner as their former congressional representative, but not enough that he’ll be casting a ballot for him in September. Patrick’s wife, Gina, on the other hand would consider holding her nose and voting for Weiner, despite being somewhat repulsed by his checkered past.

“Everybody makes mistakes, but he did a lot of good things for Gerritsen Beach,” Gina said. “I’m not a fan of what he did, but I would consider voting for him.”


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