The Five Borough Ballot – UWS Voters Not Thrilled With Weiner

The Five Borough Ballot – UWS Voters Not Thrilled With Weiner

May 07, 2013 at 9:50 am

The FIve Borough BallotIn order to gain a microcosmic perspective on the actual opinions of New Yorkers about the upcoming election, City & State and City Limits, in partnership with MetroFocus, present a new series: “The Five Borough Ballot.”


Customers on the Upper West Side know what they want when they take a seat at Artie’s Deli.

They order the matzo ball soup, a pastrami or turkey sandwich on rye with coleslaw, and maybe a little chopped liver.

But when it comes to picking the next mayor, many haven’t made a choice–and they’re not thrilled with what’s on the menu.

“Everyone is picking the one they find least objectionable,” said an Artie’s customer named Beatrice, who declined to give her last name. “That’s the way it is. It’s very sad. This is a great city and I love it with a passion. We deserve better than the candidates that are running. Politics being what it is today, I understand why people are reluctant to run.”

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, a Jewish, Queens-born media savvy Democrat, might have been a natural choice for Upper West Side voters who have cast their ballots before for similarly progressive candidates to represent them.

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