Politicians, Residents Listen to President Obama in Asbury Park

Politicians, Residents Listen to President Obama in Asbury Park

May 29, 2013 at 11:16 am

President Barack Obama visited the Jersey Shore to see the recovery progress after Hurricane Sandy.

They stood on the beach in a steady drizzle, sat in a grandstand and filled up the boardwalk outside Convention Hall — dozens of dignitaries like the governor’s brother and father. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono was there. She met with the president privately as part of a small group.

It was the kind of occasion that brought together Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy and the man who just beat him, Steve Fulop. Healy is on a White House Sandy rebuilding task force.

“I wanted Steve to come down and hear whatever was to be heard or learned from the governor and the president with this presentation today. So that’s why we asked him to join us in this mission to Asbury Park,” Healy said.

“Let me just say also, thank you to Jerry. He had one person that he could bring and I really appreciate him reaching out to me in order to have me a part of this today,” Fulop said. “Obviously he has a great relationship with the president. The president endorsed him during the campaign so it was really nice that he reached out and extended that invitation.”


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