Christie Announces State Takeover of Camden City Schools

Christie Announces State Takeover of Camden City Schools

March 26, 2013 at 11:37 am

“I know this isn’t easy. And believe me, I didn’t come to this decision easily,” said Gov. Chris Christie. With the mayor of Camden at his side, Christie announced the state is taking over the Camden City Schools.

The state has had fiscal control of Camden schools for a decade, but now the governor wants to take over all aspects of the school district because, he said, the public schools are among the lowest-performing in the state.

“Nearly 90 percent of Camden schools — 23 out of 26 — are in the bottom 5 percent performance-wise of all in New Jersey, including the three lowest-performing schools in the state,” Christie said.

The announcement came at Woodrow Wilson High School, where just 46 percent of those in ninth grade four years ago went on to graduate and just 17 percent of those passed the high school proficiency test.

Christie said he knew last August he had to do something in Camden and arrived at this decision four weeks ago.

“We’re not acting because we got everything perfect and we’re not acting because we believe we know better. We’re acting because inaction is immoral,” Christie said.

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