Ed Koch: On His Kind of Town

January 09, 2013 at 6:00 am

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch reviews political corruption, political leaders and his decision to seek a fourth term in an interview with Rafael Pi Roman. “Koch,” the documentary on his political career, opens theatrically on Feb. 1, 2013. MetroFocus reviewed the film and shared a selection of excerpts.

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch brought a lot of change to the city and MetroFocus asked him to tell us a bit more about his legacy. “I get up every morning and say ‘Oh! I am still in New York!’” Koch said. “ And it is so lucky to be in NY.”

Koch stated that he believed most in New York when people were willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the city. “When I said to them if you follow me I will lead you across the desert, and they followed,” Koch said, “And unlike Joseph in Egypt where he first had six years of bounty and then six years of famine, we had six years of famine and six years of bounty to follow, which made it easier frankly because then you can reward people.”

MetroFocus host Rafael Pi Roman asked Mayor Koch if he had any similarity to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. “In the sense of his bravado and willingness to submit to questions and go around the state — I mean somebody sort of summed it up, he can’t stop eating and he can’t stop talking,” Koch said.

All golden years have dark days. For Mayor Koch, those days involved police shootings. “The toughest always was to go to the home of a police widow,” Koch said. “ I went to 39 police funerals and it tears your heart out. These people willing to stand up and offer up their lives for you.”