Tracking Power Outages, Day by Day, Hour by Hour

Hurricane Sandy

Consolidated Edison trucks ready to roll from Union Square in Manhattan on Oct. 31, 2012. Photo by EticGoldhagen/flickr

Consolidated Edison made great strides in restoring power to Manhattan, where the number of customers without power went from over 226,000 on Friday, Nov. 2 to about 3,700 as of the following Monday morning.

At the same time, customers without power in Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester County are upwards of 20,000, 35,000 and 65,000, respectively.

One of the programmers helping to visualize Con Ed’s progress is Cameron Cundiff, an employee of Pivotal Labs. On his blog Cundiff explains how he runs the API feeding Con Edison’s Storm Center site through a series of tasks, generating a Google Spreadsheet with a list of outages. The code has been made public, and examples of its uses include Cundiff’s own timeline of Power Outages, embedded below, as well as Jonathan Petterson’s implementation, which includes both a timeline and a map allowing users to click in to an individual borough and learn more about neighborhood-level outages.

ConEdison Power Outages in NYC

For recovery times or to report an outage visit ConEd's website.

Built by Cameron Cundiff. Project code on Github.



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