Not Everyone Beaming Over Barclays Center’s Lasers

Philly Bubaris |

Music fans wait outside the Barclays Center before Jay-Z performs on Friday, Sept. 28, 2012, the arena's first event. AP/Henny Ray Abrams.

The grand opening of the Barclays Center had social media users gushing about the beautiful new venue, but most devoted their pithy tweets to part-owner Jay-Z’s performance. But beyond all the love for Hova, there was also a fair share of twitter complaints about the green laser beams lighting up Brooklyn that night.

The colorful display of lights had some people outraged because the beams were pointing as far away as the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, a burial site for Revolutionary War heroes located in Fort Greene Park. The landmark honors 11,500 prisoners of war who were killed during the American Revolution.

“Anything that distracts from that should not be allowed. You wouldn’t want to see a laser on the Vietnam Monument in Washington,” said Ruth Goldstein, founding chairwoman of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, to The New York Post.

Barclays Center Senior Vice President of Communications Barry Baum told the Post that the lasers were only on display for the first night and will not be a permanent fixture.

Whether the beams were offensive, or exciting, they certainly had tweeting Brooklynites wondering what exactly they were seeing.

A sold-out Barclays Center wasn’t the only thing seeing green this weekend. Check out our accumulation of laser beam tweets:

Barclays Center Laser Light Show… or UFO sighting?

Green laser beams danced above The Barclays Center On Friday, Sept. 27, causing some tweeters to question what exactly they were looking at.

Storified by THIRTEEN · Mon, Oct 01 2012 10:54:19

Are they shooting a green laser light from Barclays for the grand opening thing or am I looking at UFOs right now?N.
If flashing lights make ur heart palpitate stay clear! AYReport The laser lights on the roof of the Barclays Center
Anyone know what that giant green beam is over Brooklyn? Barclays fanfare, or orgiastic green light at last?Ellen Wernecke
Barclays imminent domain laser show @ Barclays Center Kaplun
A green light is reflecting off a distant building. I can see it from my living room. That’s how the Barclays Center is impacting me so far.Matt Law
There is a laser light show on top of the Barclays Center, you know, just in case you didn’t see it.Henry Melcher
The Barclays Center is shooting off a green laser. It that…a thing?Ahab
Monumental outrage over Barclays beam: Watch where you point that thing!A multicolored laser beaming from atop … Smathers

What did you think of the grand opening of the Barclays Center? Were you inconvenienced? Excited? Tell us in the comments.


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