Wearing Brooklyn Pride

Wearing Brooklyn Pride

August 30, 2012 at 4:00 am

‘Real’ Brooklyn Pride

Larry David wearing a Brooklyn shirt, on a shirt worn by MetroFocus Production Coordinator Daniel T. Allen. MetroFocus/C. Knight

From MetroFocus Production Coordinator Daniel T. Allen:

I bought this T-shirt from a street vendor on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, a neighborhood I rarely visit. It’s a parody of the iconic photo that Bob Gruen took in 1974 of John Lennon wearing a “NEW YORK CITY” T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Apparently Lennon bought the shirt on the street for $5. That photo has come to represent Lennon’s love for the city and how he built a new life in Manhattan after the Beatles era. One of the coolest dudes ever, proud to live in the coolest city in the world.

Dan Allen, MetroFocus production coordinator, models his Larry David shirt. Photo by MetroFocus/C. Knight

This Larry David T-shirt inverts everything cool about Lennon in Manhattan. Larry represents the narrow-minded, nebbishe aspect of being a Brooklynite. The shirt is an ode to the people who have been living in Brooklyn forever – or at least those with a sense of humor about it – and can’t change, won’t change! I live in Sheepshead Bay, not too far from where Larry grew up – a very ungentrified part of the borough. We wouldn’t have it any other way. If you wear vintage clothes and patronize bars that serve drinks in mason jars, this shirt isn’t for you. I guess what I like about this shirt is being able to be proud of the things about yourself that rub people the wrong way. That’s Brooklyn pride.