Wearing Brooklyn Pride

Wearing Brooklyn Pride

August 30, 2012 at 4:00 am

Brooklyn Warrior

Saul S., 24, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, shows off his tattoo inspired by the cult film, "The Warriors." Photo by MetroFocus/C. Knight.

It was easy to spot the Brooklyn pride of Saul S., 24, who has lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, since he was five. He’s originally from the Dominican Republic.

Saul S., 24, takes a break at his job at Luscious Food on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he also grew up. MetroFocus/C. Knight

Q: How would you rate Brooklyn on a scale of 1 to 10?

A: I love it. I have a tattoo! I was raised here, so you love it.

Q: What about that Brooklyn tattoo?

A:  It’s from the film, “The Warriors,” done in the same font.  I got it at Hands of Glory on Seventh Avenue [in Park Slope.]

Q: What makes Brooklyn special?

A: It’s diverse, especially Park Slope. You see all kinds of people and races here.

Q: Why do you have that shirt?

A: I bought this a few years ago. (Smiles). When it was cool.

Q: What about your hat?

A: This hat is for the Brooklyn Nets.

Q: Are you a Nets fan?

A: Not yet. But I’m going to be. ‘Cause I’m from Brooklyn.