Wearing Brooklyn Pride

Wearing Brooklyn Pride

August 30, 2012 at 4:00 am

Brooklyn Blokes

Brooklyn Bloke shirts

Wayne Fortune (left) and Martin C. Fagerlund (right) are the Londoner and Copenhagener behind "Brooklyn Bloke," their first series under the brand Impeccable Attire. Their first shop at 172 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, will open on Sept. 5. Photo by MetroFocus/C. Knight.

MetroFocus came across Wayne Fortune wearing his own company’s shirt, “Brooklyn Bloke,” as the Londoner was busy readying his shop for its opening on Sept. 5. MetroFocus stepped inside at 172 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope to learn more about Impeccable Attire, the brand that’s a collaboration between Fortune and Martin C. Fagerlund, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Fortune served as “spokesbloke.”

Q: Is “Brooklyn Blokes” your logo?

Brooklyn Bloke print on Converse hightop sneakers, by Impeccable Attire. Photo by MetroFocus/C. Knight.

A: No, but it’s the first T-shirt of our first series for our brand, Impeccable Attire. Me being from London and Martin from Denmark, we’re bringing a bit of that…European class, I guess. Cheeky devil (he mutters under his breath and laughs).

Q: Is this your first store in New York City?

A: Yes. First store, even. I’ve sold a few shirts here on Fifth Avenue, and in SoHo. People like Spike Lee have bought the T-shirt from me. We’re selling to a lot of stores locally, doing pop-ups. This first shirt generated a buzz so we wanted to try our hand at a retail store. We enjoyed talking to customers and wanted to step back from wholesale for a while. We’ll welcome people into our world here.

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Bed-Stuy. I’m originally from northwest London (NW6) – Kilburn!

Q: Has Brooklyn been what you expected?

A: Brooklyn has been great to me. There’s an energy here that I haven’t found elsewhere — I don’t have a problem with the other boroughs — I’ve been able to get very comfortable here. There’s good synergy.

Q: Is there something about Brooklyn that’s different or unique?

A: The people. It’s almost like the whole world is here. (His partner, Martin from Copenhagen, agrees). Everybody is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is what Martin and I have in common. There’s a lot of talent, people in the arts. It’s progressive.

Q: What’s a London Bloke?

Everyone can be a bloke, according to the owners of Impeccable Attire. This men's shirt also comes as a women's tank top dress. Photo by MetroFocus/C. Knight.

A: A London bloke is a term for a regular dude. Like your fellow man. So we’re kind of relaying the same message here, only in Brooklyn.

Q: So would a London Bloke and a Brooklyn Bloke get along?

A: Yes, they have similarities.