Wearing Brooklyn Pride

Wearing Brooklyn Pride

August 30, 2012 at 4:00 am

“Go East,” young hipster. Families, there’s somewhat more affordable homesteading there for you, too. Brooklyn has been blossoming again for years, but it’s gotten a lot of attention in 2012, from the front pages of USA Today to the courts of the NBA. The league’s first Brooklyn-based team is adopting the borough as its branded identity (can you imagine the Queens Mets?).

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Whereas Manhattan might be a place to lose or find oneself, Brooklyn seems to be a place everyone loves to call home. What does Brooklyn mean to those dedicated enough to wear it on their chests? Before even more Brooklyn Nets T-shirts and caps hit the streets, MetroFocus takes a look at how people are wearing their Brooklyn pride.

New York is Babylon: Brooklyn is the truly Holy City.
New York is the city of envy, office work, and hustle;
Brooklyn is the region of homes and happiness…
There is no hope for New Yorkers, for their glory in
Their skyscraping sins; but in Brooklyn there is the wisdom of the lowly.

–Christopher Morley, from “Parnassas on Wheels” (1917).

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