How Much Would You Pay to Cross the Tappan Zee?

How Much Would You Pay to Cross the Tappan Zee?

August 10, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Whether you rebuild the bridge or fix it, the costs according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, will be comparable — around $5.2 billion dollars. In a radio interview today with Susan Arbetter of The Capitol Report, the governor said he’s decided to back a total Tappan Zee rebuild because the state will get more for its money.

The Governor cited a new bridge’s advantages as having “additional lanes, it’s ready for bus or rail when you’re ready, there’s a pedestrian and bicycle path.”

Of course, whether or not to mandate mass transit options for the bridge before it’s built, or later, has been a point of contention.


Susan Arbetter of the Capitol Report spoke with Governor Andrew Cuomo on August 10 about the benefits of building a new Tappan Zee bridge and the costs involved.

The Tappan Zee Bridge is the longest bridge in New York and has been at the “very top of state infrastructure improvement wish lists for years,” according to Arbetter. But figuring out how to pay for the bridge has proven to be a challenge. In the interview today, Cuomo said he would not support the $14 per-car toll charge that had been discussed.

The governor told Arbetter he wants to immediately put together a task force and find a way to make the toll affordable in five years.

Arbetter called the Tappan Zee a “symbolic dividing point separating upstate and downstate by both culture and geography,” and said getting the bridge done right was going to test Cuomo’s political power.