Cuomo Offers Teacher Evaluation Bill With No Compromises

Cuomo Offers Teacher Evaluation Bill With No Compromises

June 20, 2012 at 11:36 am

Governor Cuomo is telling the legislature to ‘take it or leave it’ over a new bill he’s released outlining how to make teacher evaluations public.

Governor Cuomo says he introduced  legislation on the publication of teacher evaluations just before his own self imposed deadline of midnight Monday in order  to clarify his position on the issue.  He says it’s up the Assembly and Senate whether they want to pass it, exactly as is, or not.

“That’s the bill, the bill is not going to change,” said Cuomo. “They act on it or they don’t. But there’s not going to be changes and discussions at this time.”

The governor softened his stance somewhat by saying that he believes there will be a chance to take up the issue later in the year. Most schools have not yet finished designing their teacher evaluations, and don’t have to finalize them until January of 2013.

Gov. Cuomo has proposed a plan that would allow parents to see the names and rankings of teachers. Flickr/Patja

“We have plenty of time,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo’s bill permits schools to publicly release the evaluation scores of all teachers, with no names attached. Parents can then request the score of their own children’s teachers.

“No hurdles, no obstacles,” said Cuomo. “100 percent access for the parent.”

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