Unconventional Sports Leagues for the Active New Yorker

Unconventional Sports Leagues for the Active New Yorker

March 09, 2012 at 4:00 am

Looking to relive the glory days of elementary school kickball games or share your newest hobby with friends? No problem. New York City has plenty of unconventional sports clubs and leagues to help keep you active.

Here’s a look at some of your options:

Brooklyn Kickball
McCarren Park, 94 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

This year's Brooklyn Kickball League season kicks off on Sunday, May 6. Games run every Sunday except on holidays. Flickr/Matt Gitchell

Brooklyn Kickball started its annual team league in 2003. Since then, the league has been no stranger to quirky teams with unusual rituals before game time — last year’s champions, Never Scared, dance around the field to their titular anthem. This year’s season kicks off on Sunday, May 6. League games are held every Sunday, except on holidays. New players are encouraged to join with up to 10-player teams or as free agents, who are then placed on teams needing players.

Brooklyn Table Tennis Club

1100 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Former Soviet Union junior champion Nison Aronov runs the Brooklyn Table Tennis Club, the largest table tennis club in New York City. Flickr/Steve Parkin

Founded by former Soviet Union junior champion Nison Aronov, the Brooklyn Table Tennis Club brings children and adults of all backgrounds together in the competitive spirit of Ping Pong. The largest table tennis club in New York City, the Brooklyn Tables Tennis Club has nine tables and a Robo-Pong machine, which lets players practice table tennis without a partner. League tournaments take place Thursdays and Sundays.

Downtown Dodgeball
44 East Second St., New York, N.Y.

Founded by dodgeball enthusiasts in 2008, Downtown Dodgeball was established for players of all skill levels to relive the days of third-grade gym class. The club specializes in coed social dodgeball tournaments and leagues for New Yorkers just looking to unwind after a long day at work.

The Manhattan Sailing Club offers exclusive perks and access to its famous Willy Wall Floating Clubhouse to members. Flickr/Samuel Stocker.

Manhattan Sailing Club
North Cove Yacht Harbor, Battery Park, New York, N.Y.

Visit the Willy Wall Floating Clubhouse and set sail with this New York Harbor-based sailing club. Whether you’re just learning to sail or reigniting an old passion for it, the club offers perks for newcomers and experienced sailors alike. Annual membership dues provide access to sailing boats, exclusive club functions,  club races and mentoring lessons from professional staff.

The League of Bike Polo

The Pit: Chrystie St. and Broome St., New York, N.Y.

Bike Polo has been around since 1891, but it’s gaining quite a bit of popularity lately. In fact, the League of Bike Polo has already established leagues around the world for enthusiasts to mount their bikes and swing their mallets. The hardcourt sport is very similar to traditional polo with a slight variation in the rules. New York City’s Bike Polo League meets on Sundays.

Bike polo, also known as cycle polo, has grown in popularity since 2007. It is very similar to traditional polo, but some rules have been adapted for the hardcourt sport. Flickr/John W. MacDonald.

Pro Line Archery Lanes
95-11 101 Avenue, Ozone Park, Queens, N.Y.

Originally organized in the ’70s as a club for archers to enjoy the sport, this family-oriented business is now open to the public. The club boasts a 30-position, 20-yard indoor range that’s open all year round. Pro Line’s staff includes Faculty Staff Shooters, U.S. National team members, local bowhunters and traditional archers, who provide instruction to players at every skill level. Their competitive target league meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Urban Bocce Ball, NYC

Looking for something to help them relax after their move to the big city, two Emory University graduates started Urban Bocce Ball NYC on the roof of their Lower East Side apartment building. The beer-friendly game turned into a competitive league, which begins in June this year and meets on Monday evenings.