Twitter Users Trash-Tweet Tri-State Pols

Tweet from @julescator. A new Pew Research Center report shows that the majority of tweets about politics are negative. Image courtesy of Twitter.

Tweets about politics and politicians are overwhelmingly negative and opinionated, not to mention “personal and pungent and even profane in nature,” according to a study released late last week by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The study looked at more than 20 million tweets about the 2012 presidential candidates between May 2 and Nov. 27. Researchers found that the tweets were often more rooted in opinion than fact, and were more negative than blog and mainstream news coverage.

In light of this news, MetroFocus decided to see what Twitter users have to say these days about Tri-State politics. From Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new tax package to alleged NYPD police misconduct at Occupy Wall Street, Twitter is abuzz with negative and opinionated tweets.

Click on the images below for a sampling of recent tweets:

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