Lorin Stein: A Taste of Moscow in New York

Lorin Stein: A Taste of Moscow in New York

December 27, 2011 at 10:30 am

Inside Russian Samovar, a restaurant in the theater district that was a favorite of writers like Susan Sontag and Philip Roth. Flickr/heymrleej

Tucked in a seedy corner of the theater district, The Russian Samovar hosts my favorite readings in town. I also go to hear Maestro Izbitzer play Lizst and Russian folksongs on his white grand piano. A favorite of writers and poets, from Susan Sontag to Philip Roth, as well as Russian émigrés, the restaurant has boasted Mikhail Baryshnikov and Joseph Brodsky as investors and just celebrated its 25th birthday.


Lorin Stein is the editor of The Paris Review and has lived in the East Village since 1996.

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