Eugene Mirman: Best Bars of Park Slope and Beyond


The jukebox at Commonwealth bar is an attraction unto itself. Flickr/Poryorick

A quick list of some of the best bars in Park Slope and beyond. Commonwealth is a laid-back bar that seems to have an unofficial “no jerks policy” and a jukebox with an unrivaled selection of indie rock.

The Rock Shop on Fourth Avenue, not far from Brooklyn Lyceum, is a great place to see live music and get a bite to eat.

The Magician on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is also good. It’s not magic-themed or anything, so don’t expect to see any card tricks or ladies getting sawed in half.


Eugene Mirman is a comedian and hero who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a regular on “Flight of the Conchords” and appears in the third season of Adult Swim’s “Delocated” beginning Feb. 2, 2012. He also voices Gene in the animated Fox series “Bob’s Burgers.”

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