New York’s ‘Characters:’ Typefaces of the Town

New York’s ‘Characters:’ Typefaces of the Town

August 22, 2011 at 7:57 am

Author Simon Garfield. Photo courtesy of Gotham Books.

Simon Garfield’s latest book, “Just My Type: A Book about Fonts,” tells the town’s little-known history of typography.

The signs on the subway system? Helvetica. The hackneyed “I Heart NY” logo? American Typewriter.

New York has always been a city of bold-faced names, whether in newsprint or neon.

The city is loud, so the letters must be loud too — and instantly recognizable.

MetroFocus asked this “font-ain” of knowledge for a guided tour of the city’s most ubiquitous typefaces.

Click the images below for the story behind the fonts: