Kickstarter Picks: Bagging Jobs in Brooklyn and ‘Oregon Trail’ for the ‘It’ Crowd

Kickstarter Picks: Bagging Jobs in Brooklyn and ‘Oregon Trail’ for the ‘It’ Crowd

August 11, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Kickstarter is a Lower East Side-based startup that helps creative people “crowd-fund” their projects.

MetroFocus regularly highlights local projects that seem to make the best use of this platform and have the potential to leave a lasting impression on the New York area.

Corrente: Handbags Made in Brooklyn

The Pitch: If you think that manufacturing has completely left the city, you’ve never met Corie Humble and Tenille Teague, proprietors of Corrente Handbags. They’re not only creating high fashion designer bags out of a small workshop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they’re also creating jobs. All of the materials they use are locally supplied (except, of course, the high quality Italian leather). “By supporting someone like Corrente you support smaller production runs which mean less waste and limited-edition bags,” said Tennille.

As these entrepreneurial fashionistas get ready to release their holiday line, they’ve turned to the Kickstarter community for help. Perks for supporting their project at different funding levels include a complimentary handbag or clutch, while supplies last!

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According to their Kickstarter page, Corie and Tenille “are friends who live in Brooklyn… ride bikes, drink coffee,” and hang out when they are not working. Their pitch video offers a sneak peek into their workshop at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Art Wars: The NYC Art World Game

The Pitch: You might call it the “Oregon Trail” for the “tt” crowd. “We wanted to make a game that is about the experience of moving and living in New York City as an artist,” said “Art Wars” co-creator Addie Wagenknecht.

In “Art Wars,” styled after the rudimentary computer games of yesteryear, you play an emerging artist on the New York scene. You earn points or “cred” each time you do something “creatively credible.” The project website explains how the “cred” system operates:

“Hook up with a curator? Earn Cred. Get arrested while making art in China? Earn Cred. Your new BFF is a socialite who knows every gallery owner in Chelsea? Earn Cred. Do a juice detox and lose 20 pounds in a week? Total win!”

It sounds a little sarcastic, but that’s the point. A video game about New York’s art scene can’t take itself too seriously. The minds behind Nortd labs have a track record of creating unique software and hardware-based art projects. Hopefully their Kickstarter campaign will ensure that “Art Wars” is added to their portfolio.

A screenshot from "Art Wars." The game's design may cause former Nintendo gamers to wax nostalgic. Photo courtesy of Nortd Labs.