Borough-by-Borough Cultural Guides for Seniors

Borough-by-Borough Cultural Guides for Seniors

August 04, 2011 at 12:37 pm

In an effort to make New York’s cultural treasures more accessible to all, The Alliance for the Arts has partnered with the MetLife Foundation and City Council Member Jessica Lappin to create and distribute cultural guides with important information for seniors.

In addition to providing basic information about everything from museums to zoos to theaters, the guides contain details about senior citizen discounts, accessibility information for people with disabilities, and special programming. A version of each guide is also available in large print for those who need it.

Click the borough below to view the Senior Guide online, or right-click and select “Save Link As” to download the document to your computer.


The Bronx (17 pages, 788 KB)
The Bronx – Large Print (21 pages, 785 KB)


Brooklyn (26 pages, 877 KB)
Brooklyn – Large Print (35 pages, 883 KB)


Manhattan (109 pages, 1468 KB)
Manhattan – Large Print (166 pages, 1506 KB)


Queens (22 pages, 838 KB)
Queens – Large Print (29 pages, 857 KB)


Staten Island (15 pages, 799 KB)
Staten Island – Large Print (19 pages, 793 KB)