Gov. Andrew Cuomo: 6 Months, 7 Major Accomplishments

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has had a string of legislative successes in his first six months in office. Flickr/Patja.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has had a busy six months. He passed the state budget on time (Remember last year? The budget was 125 days late!), he pushed through ethics reform legislation, and last but far from least, he legalized gay marriage in New York. Political reporters have finally had some time to look beyond the legislative specifics and to outline Cuomo’s top big picture achievements.

According to politics writer Sarah Laskow, Cuomo:

  • Convinced New Yorkers He’ll Do What He Promises: Every major initiative that Andrew Cuomo has started on, he’s finished.
  • Showed He’s Not Afraid to Barbecue the Democratic Party’s Sacred Cows: Andrew Cuomo has not been a friend to unions.
  • Showed He’s not Afraid to Champion Progressive Social Policy: Same-sex marriage may not have passed. It did.
  • Escaped the Shadows of Spitzer and Cuomo, Sr.: Andrew Cuomo has accomplished at least as much in his first six months as Spitzer in fourteen months. And, he’s still popular.

According to the New York Times analysis, Cuomo:

  • Invited Pols from Both Parties to His Inner Sanctum: Cuomo used the Executive Mansion as a platform to wine and dine lawmakers and, more frequently than his predecessors, held private meetings in his Albany office.
  • Displayed Force Tactically: He threatened to launch investigations if he didn’t get support for his ethics reform bill and said he would exercise emergency powers if the budget missed its deadline.
  • He maneuvered out of the spotlight: To Cuomo, the media was another implement in his political toolbox. He granted interviews rarely, always strategically and usually to local Albany outlets.

Click here to read Laskow’s full post and here to read the New York Times article.


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