2013 Mayoral Campaign: The Fundraising Race Heats Up

2013 Mayoral Campaign: The Fundraising Race Heats Up

July 13, 2011 at 12:39 pm

The contents of the 2013 mayoral candidates’ campaign coffers were unveiled Tuesday, revealing (unsurprisingly), that  City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is leading the pack, with candidates including Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer trailing behind her. Former Comptroller Bill Thompson amassed the least amount of funds of any of the declared candidates, while current Comptroller John Liu stayed mum on his fundraising efforts over the past six months.

In other mayoral news, Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon announced his plans to became the sixth candidate in election. Allon founded the publications City Hall News and The Capital, and and also headed up the advertising for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign in 2009, reported the Observer. While Allon — a former teacher and journalist who has never run for elected office — brings an outsider political savviness and strong promises of education reform to the election, many analysts doubt that he will be able to raise the money to compete in the primaries, reported Crain’s


Speaker Quinn is the fundraising leader with an estimated $4 million. Flickr/Boss Tweed.

Fat pockets for Quinn: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is at the top of the fundraising ladder. She raised $1.3 million in the past six months, and when she updates her current finance figures this week it’s expected that she will have over $4 million, reported the Daily News. Quinn got an early start on her campaign, and after Anthony Weiner — the anticipated leader in the race — announced his resignation from Congress on June 15, her chances were boosted considerably. While other Democratic candidates are still frantically fundraising, Quinn is already well prepared to begin driving her message to the public.

And the others…Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was expected to announce that he has raised $650,000 in the last six months, reported the New York Times. That would bring Stringer’s grand total to nearly $3 million.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has reportedly collected $675,000 in the last six months.

Thompson, who nearly defeated Bloomberg in the 2009 race, didn’t officially throw his hat into the ring until two months ago. He’s pulled in about $300,000 since then.

Liu — who had $513,000 at the beginning of 2011 — has not yet revealed what he hauled in during this period.

And finally, newcomer-to-the-race Allon said he expects to raise between $500,000 and $ million in the first six months of his campaign, according to Crain’s.

Fundraising is a decent indicator of the candidates’ initial popularity. A large war chest suggests that many powerful contributors believe the candidate has a strong chance of winning, reported the New York Times. However, the current candidates are expected to have raised enough money by 2013 to qualify for the city’s campaign finance matching program, which helps less wealthy candidates compete against affluent competitors.

There are no major Republican candidate in the race — yet.