Cipa & Misha Dichter: The Morgan ‘s Got More Than a Library to Offer

Cipa & Misha Dichter: The Morgan ‘s Got More Than a Library to Offer

June 23, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Music manuscript from The Morgan Library. Flickr/peacay.

The Morgan is best known for the beautiful library itself and for its art. But we recommend checking out The Morgan Library’s music manuscript collection. It’s an ever-changing exhibit of a collection that spans six centuries. It’s fascinating to see the cross-offs, the trial and errors and the notes that didn’t please the composers. You can look at their holdings online and then you can call and make an appointment to see what you want to see. We play a lot of Liszt; they have the original of his one and only piano sonata. They also have original version of the national anthem; if you read music, you’ll notice how the notes differ from how it’s usually played today. When we gave a special performance in their amazing concert hall recently, we met the curator of the music collection who coordinated with our performance a display of the very Brahms pieces that we played.

Pianists Misha and Cipa Dichter met at the Juilliard School of Music in 1965 and married in 1968. Together, the Dichters have performed and recorded many previously neglected works of the two-piano and piano-four-hand repertoires in recital and with major orchestras throughout the world.

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