At The WNET Group, we strive to create content that inspires -- but the true measure of success is the impact our programming has on the lives of our viewers. Here are stories from viewers that share how The WNET Group has been a positive influence.

Susan Pellegrino

Central Islip

My story is simple.
15+ years ago I started watching the Newshour and became riveted by the manner in which important news and events was covered, reported and delivered. The Newshour became a springboard for me to seek out and watch other Thirteen programs. I value the breadth and depth of Thirteen so much that I truly believe my quality of life has been immeasurably improved by being a member and viewer. Sometimes I feel Thirteen has been the most economical resource for me to earn a “postgraduate degree” in countless fields of studies because it offers programs that intrigue and enrich my life and the lives of others.
My only regret is that I hadn’t been a viewer and member earlier in my life.
Thank you for creating a platform for thoughful, intelligent and civil discourse and for all the creative programs that expand our minds.

Please only use first name and last initial when airing. Susan P Thank you.