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Logical Broadcasting of various Genre’s, captivating, unbiased & up to date.
The Announcers & hosts are always well informed & know how to ask the questions to the hand picked specialists/experts of any given subject that is being broadcast.
My Favorites are the NPR Business 1/2 hour(6:30pm ) & world news 7-8pm
along with the Antique show & most of the Music performances & interviews.
Ch 13 is for Real, For the working class , for the unemployed, for the young & old. Their scope of subjects are almost endless.
When I turn my channel to 13, it’s hard for me to change it again.
There is no free or paid TV or Cable channel like thirteen, When I watch a show on thirteen , it’s all content, no commercials to interrupt & that’s important.

From Year to year I depend on Thirteen’s gentle style of news broadcasting. I know I’m Attached to the news reporters & their commitment to ch 13’s standards of reporting, I try to emulate their professionalism & embellish their respect for others. I teared when the host Gwen passed away & totally respected the send-off that the news team provided.
Thirteen takes the confusion out of the smoke screen that other news channels
report. I suggest that news channels be rated upon their accuracy , especially the weather reporting sector, a simple rating system A, B ,C etc similar to the way they rate restaurants . The rating should appear & stay posted as their broadcast is on the air.

Thirteen’s website is my alternate source for reliable & tech Savvy news broadcasting.

PS: There’s only one other channel I also respect & support, that’s WGBO jazz radio. I believe it is also owned by NPR.

Thirteen has rewarded me with insight & I reward thirteen with contributions.


Mario Scelsi