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Dorothy Kerkowski

Hawley, PA, United States

I enjoy historical programming. In Downton Abbey, you can see the world changing in each character. WWI forces each level of the people in the Abbey to step outside the “position” of society they hold if they want their country and heritage to endure. The war is personalized by each character, and how they react to the world at the end of the war. I found so many interesting nuances that I enjoyed and looked forward to watching. The clothing of upstairs and downstairs, as well as the interaction between the two worlds. The village people, streets, homes, shops, and the society involvement that was expected. From the Dowager on down, each woman was in her own generation. The fact that Americans once married for title and the financial need of the English aristocracy turning their head to perpetuate the class status. For me, it was a history lesson that I don’t think could have been taught any better.