At The WNET Group, we strive to create content that inspires -- but the true measure of success is the impact our programming has on the lives of our viewers. Here are stories from viewers that share how The WNET Group has been a positive influence.

carol simowitz

Rockville Centre NY

My story is very simple. I teach middle school science to eighth grade students, I am lucky enough to teach in a wonderful district where the students say thank you when they stay for extra help, are polite and courteous to each other, and I love going to work. For as long as I can remember the question of extra credit comes up all the time. What can I do for extra credit Ms. Sim? My response has always been, watch NOVA on tv (or a computer) and write a one page synopsis of the show and critique it. I am looking to enrich their basic knowledge of science. I am told that the entire family watches the show together, and I know your programs have made a positive impact on my students. Thank you, THIRTEEN, for the opportunity to enrich their lives.