Treasures in the Harbor

Join host Bill Baker as he explores the natural beauty and vibrant history of the Treasures in the Harbor. See the largest wildlife refuge on the Northeast, surf within view of the Empire State Building, and visit the once-forgotten burial ground that is America’s newest National Monument.

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Film Credits

Produced by
Jim Brennan

Hosted by
Bill Baker

Associate Producer
Jennifer Hallam

Director of Photography
Marc Kroll

JT Takagi
Paul Cote

Michael Weingrad

Brian Hwang
Damon Bundschuh
Kevin Hunt
Michael Pruitt-Bruun

Additional Photography
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Additional Aerial photography courtesy WLIW

Additional Audio
Michael Karas
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Mark Kachelries

Production Interns
Demi Ray
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Nicole Pagano

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Aubrey Strickland
Stephanie Carter

Caroline Hahn
Laura Ricciardi

Special Thanks
Maria Burks
Commissioner, National Parks of NY Harbor

Cynthia Garrett
Superintendent, Statue of Liberty NM & Ellis Island

Tara Morrison
Superintendent, African Burial Ground NM

Linda Neal
Superintendent, Governors Island NM

Barry Sullivan
Superintendent, Gateway NRA

Darren Boch
National Parks of NY Harbor

Brian Feeney
Gateway NRA

Special Thanks

Lisa Eckert
Superintendent, Jamaica Bay Unit, GNRA

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Assistant Superintendent, Jamaica Bay Unit, GNRA

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Deputy Superintendent, Manhattan Sites

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Deputy Superintendent, Statue of Liberty NM & Ellis Island

John Zuzworsky & Kim Tripp
Jamaica Bay Institute

Marie Salerno
President & CEO, National Parks of NY Harbor Conservancy

Bob Zahn
Broadcast Video Rentals

Blimp ride courtesy of Airship Management Services Inc.

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Boarders Surf Shop

Derf McTighe & Chris Triplett
Island Style Surf Shop

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New York Studio School

Archival Footage
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Bill Crowley
footage from “The African Burial Ground: An American Discovery”
courtesy of Christoper Moore & US General Services Administration

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Additional Editing
Mary Ann Toman

Assistant Editor
Cynthia Lovett

David Chomowicz
Michiel Pilgram

Online Editor
Kerry Soloway

Sound Re-Recording
Richard Fairbanks

Sound Editing
Rob Daly

Supervising Producer
James Nicoloro

Executive Producer
John DeNatale

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