American Graduate Day Raises Awareness of Dropout Crisis

September 27, 2012
L-R: Michael Powell, co-chair of America’s Promise Alliance; Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of WNET; Ray Suarez, PBS NewsHour anchor; and Pat Harrison, President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

This past Saturday, Sept. 22, was American Graduate Day, a seven-hour live television broadcast spotlighting solutions to the nation’s dropout crisis. WNET and partner stations across the country broadcast the event, hosted by Maria Bartiromo, JuJu Chang, Rehema Ellis, Susie Gharib, Bianna Golodryga, Bryant Gumbel, Christina Ha, Maria Hinojosa, Rebecca Jarvis, Al Letson, Stone Phillips, Rafael Pi Roman, and Ray Suarez.

Thirty two national and local organizations committed to giving students choices and opportunities through in-school and out-of-school programs participated on Saturday, and about 100 stations covering 63% of the country aired American Graduate Day for a portion of or all the broadcast. The event also received extensive social media engagement and media coverage, including an article in The New York Times.

Watch an interview with special guest Michael Powell, representing America’s Promise Alliance, and PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Ray Suarez: