Noah Comprende Launches April 11 on PBS KIDS

April 8th, 2011

On April 11, will premiere Noah Comprende, a new web-only series produced by THIRTEEN for WNET that introduces children 6-8 years old to Spanish through animated videos with embedded  games.

The series is about a nine-year-old boy visiting his grandmother in a community where nobody speaks English. As Noah tries to learn Spanish from a precocious five-year-old neighbor named Coco, he sometimes gets it wrong. Each misunderstanding launches a new comic misadventure for him and his pet mouse, Pequeño. With Pequeño’s help, Noah always manages to solve the problems he’s created, learning Spanish in the process.

Each three-minute video features opportunities for kids to roll their cursors over objects on the screen to hear the Spanish translations. Three different vocabulary-driven, arcade-style games reinforce learning.  Another game on the website, How Do You Say…?, helps kids learn common expressions in Spanish.

The bilingual dialogue of Noah Comprende introduces Spanish to English speakers and English to Spanish speakers. The goal of Noah Comprende is to help youngsters get the benefits of learning a language at an early age. According to the Center for Applied Linguistics, they include:

  • Improving a child’s understanding of his or her native language.
  • Having a positive effect on intellectual growth
  • Enriching and enhancing a child’s mental development
  • Promoting more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for  listening.

Noah Comprende introduces kids to collections of vocabulary words that are accessible and of interest to the target age group. The videos also teach common phrases, with visuals providing the context needed for viewers to make sense of the language.

Noah Comprende is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET and is funded by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Jill Peters and Sandra Sheppard are executive  producers, Michelle Chen is the producer, and David Matthew Feldman and Louise A. Gikow are writers and associate producers.

Watch Noah Comprende – Out on a Limb: