Update on Preserving Public Broadcasting

February 22nd, 2011

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who called your representative to voice your support for public broadcasting.  You joined hundreds of thousands of people across the country who phoned or emailed their representatives.

Despite your calls and the valiant efforts of public media supporters on Capitol Hill, led by Representatives Earl Blumenauer (OR-3), Ed Markey (MA-7), and Nita Lowey (NY-18), the House of Representatives voted 235-189 to pass a continuing resolution that among other things eliminates funding for public broadcasting.

The fight now moved to the Senate where a continuing resolution is also expected to come up for a vote before March 4.  Please reach out to your Senators to let them know how you feel about public television and public radio and the elimination of federal funding support. (Their phone numbers are listed below.)

Please also go to www.170millionamericans.org where you can learn more and sign up to be kept informed.

Read PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger’s piece in The Huffington Post about the value of Public Broadcasting, particularly as it  relates to education and childhood learning.

Below are some talking points about public broadcasting.

  • Public broadcasting is America’s largest classroom—closing the achievement gap through innovative, standards-based educational content and resources for parents, teachers and students.
  • Public broadcasting serves as a trusted partner and agent of better citizenship in the world’s greatest democracy.
  • Public broadcasting is not “a luxury we can’t afford” but an essential service regularly depended on and enjoyed by 170 million Americans in all 50 States.
  • Cutting or eliminating federal funding for public broadcasting will have a severe negative impact on local services and economies in all 50 states.


Senator Richard Blumenthal
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-2823
State Office:  860-258-6940

Senator Joseph Lieberman
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-4041
State Office:  860-549-8463 or 800-225-5605 (in CT)


Senator Frank Lautenberg
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-3224
State Office:  973-639-8700 or 888-398-1642

Senator Robert Menendez
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-4744
State Office: 973-645-3030


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-4451
State Office: 212-688-6262

SenatorCharles Schumer
Washington, DC Office: 202-224-6542
State Office: 212-486-4430