Other Islands of New York to air on August 11

August 5, 2010
North Brother Island

On Wednesday, August 11 at 8 p.m., THIRTEEN will broadcast Other Islands of New York, which highlights NYC’s lesser known islands. Beyond the five boroughs lie an array of nearly three dozen smaller islets, each with a unique history.  From the notorious Rikers Island (best known for housing the city’s main jail complex) to little-noticed North Brother Island, to the eerie smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island, the program provides an informative look at our big island’s diminutive neighbors.

For additional resources on New York’s other islands, and more hidden locations in the city, check out our online programs:

The City Concealed, Thirteen.org’s online video series exploring the many unseen corners of the city, visited North Brother Island, a protected heron habitat owned by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  The island lies in the East River, between The Bronx and Queens, and was formerly the site of Riverside Hospital, a tuberculosis facility later converted to GI housing after WWII.  Watch the full North Brother Island episode .

City of Parks, a joint production by WNET.ORG and Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, follows six students as they explore the city’s parks.  From the well known to the obscure, the program scours the boroughs and demonstrates how New York City, despite its urban exterior, is one of the greenest and most efficient cities around.

Forgotten Ellis Island, a PBS documentary about the immigrant hospital on Ellis Island.  The hospital opened in 1902 and was America’s first line of defense against contagious diseases coming from abroad.

For more NYC-centric documentaries, check out Thirteen.org’s Documentary page.