Let's Make a Launch Date

May 3rd, 2010

by Shelley Lewis

shelleyOur fabulous new website, Need to Know, launches today. Now, some kinds of launches are a big noisy affair. A rocket launches with a countdown and billowing smoke and applause from a cheering crowd of onlookers. A ship gets a champagne bottle smashed across the bow before its maiden voyage. A website … not so much. In my experience with web launches, you’d find a bunch of exhausted writers, editors and techies who’ve worked all night for days, surrounded by wrappers from candy bars and empty bottles of flavored ice tea, a faint whiff of Cheetos in the air. Just kidding. They’re all super healthy eaters and not at all messy.

There won’t be champagne smashed across a server, but we are launching with great excitement and enthusiasm. Our website is full of stories we think you need to know, plus lots of opportunities for you to bring your stories to us. From health to the economy, from national security to media and culture. We’re all working to make Need to Know a site you quickly decide you need to visit every day.