Video: Preview "Metrofocus," a new series on New York’s newsmakers

December 15th, 2009

Premieres December 18 at at 10 pm on THIRTEEN

Watch a preview:

From New York’s heavy-hitters and influencers to emerging talent, THIRTEEN spotlights the people who make our region the epicenter of politics and arts & culture. Metrofocus – a new local series that will offer in-depth discussions about politics, arts & culture and the history of New York – premieres this Friday, featuring interviews with Eliot Spitzer, Rick Lazio and Anne Heller. Spitzer offers his perspective on New York’s current political climate; Lazio discusses his bid for governor; and Anne Heller discusses her new biography on Ayn Rand. Future episodes will feature Sir Harold Evans, Cy Vance, Norman Podhoretz, TJ Stiles, and many others.

“THIRTEEN is in a unique position to be able to produce relevant and intelligent programs like Metrofocus,” said Neal Shapiro, president of WNET.ORG. “We’re surrounded by an incredible amount of talent in New York, and to be able to fill a void for smart, uninterrupted programming by bringing local innovators and thinkers to our viewing community is exciting.”