In Case You Missed It: August 31-September 7, 2009 streaming online

September 8th, 2009

A roundup of all streaming, full-length videos online from PBS and Thirteen programs that aired last week. See the list below for all full episodes and links.

A scene from the Shanksville Memorial segment on Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: The reports, segmented by story, per day.
Nightly Business Report: The reports stream online.
NJN News: The reports stream online for one week (see archives M-Tu-W-Th-F).
Worldfocus:The nightly news show streams online for 15 days; signature stories are online forever.

Charlie Rose:
Aug. 31: Conversations with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney.
Sept. 1: The Future with Eric Schmidt, Marc Andreessen and Bill Gates.
Sept. 2: “Relationships” with Bill Gates, William Gates Sr., Valentino and Giancarlo Giammett.
Sept. 3: Conversations with authors Gay Talese and Joseph O’Neill.
Sept. 4: Conversations with Jimmy Wales; Werner Herzog and Jill Bolte Taylor.

Tavis Smiley:
Aug. 31: Former CIA officer Robert Baer; filmmaker Doug Pray.
Sept. 1: Harvard’s Shorenstein Center director Alex S. Jones; actor Mekhi Phifer.
Sept. 2: New York Times journalist Peter Baker; singer Ledisi.
Sept. 3: Boxing legend George Foreman; journalist Fred Kaplan.
Sept. 4: Trumpeter Terence Blanchard.

News and Public Affairs: Weekly Programs:
Washington Week: President Obama’s address on health care; continued unemployment despite the administration’s upbeat outlook; Afghanistan strategy.
NOW on PBS: The debate on detaining suspected terrorists indefinitely without a trial even as Guantanmo Bay faces closure.
Bill Moyers Journal: First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams and former Federal Election Commission chairman Trevor Potter talk about the constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations; an essay on health care reform.
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly:

  • A segment on personalized genetic testing: what it entails and promises to clients, and the ethical concerns.
  • Indiana University professor Edward Linehan, an expert about sacred spaces, is interviewed about the Shanksville Memorial, located on the spot where United 93 crashed on September 11, 2001.
  • Father Leo Patalinghug, a priest who has his own Web-based cooking show.

Consuelo Mack Wealthtrack: An interview with author Nassim Taleb about his unusual way of investing, and Wall Street Journal personal finance columnist Jason Zweig on neuroeconomics.

News and Public Affairs:
Wide Angle:Time for School 3, Part I. A look at kids in several different countries looking to gain a basic education. Part of Wide Angle’s decade-long documentary project.
In the Life: It’s About Time. This latest installment examines what it’s like to be grow old as a gay person and the challenges faced by gays as they enter their advanced age.

NOVA: Is There Life On Mars?: Recent developments and efforts in search of the answers about the Red Planet.
NOVAsciencenow: Sleep; first primates; earthquakes in the Midwest; profile of geophysicist Sang-Mook Lee.

Antiques Roadshow: Tucson, Arizona-Hour One.
History Detectives: Stalag 17 portrait; Seadrome; Black Tom Shell.

Arts and Culture:
Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis, Series Two: Music to Die For. The underground world of bare-knucke boxing is tied with a murder in Oxford Available for online viewing through September 20, 2009.
Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis, Series Two: And The Moonbeams Kiss the Sea. Lewis and Hathaway investigate a murder in the basement of Oxford’s Bodleian Library. Available for online viewing through September 13, 2009.
P.O.V.: Ella es el matador (She Is The Matador). Filmmakers Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco offers a glimpse into the world of women’s bullfighting through profiles of two female matadors, Mari Paz Vega and Eva Florencia. The documentary is not only about their passion for the sport but also examines the challenges in entering a territory usually reserved for males.