In Case You Missed It: shows from August 17-August 23, 2009, streaming online

August 25th, 2009

A roundup of all streaming, full-length videos online from PBS and Thirteen programs that aired last week. See the list below for all full episodes and links.

A scene from Eyes of the Storm, from the PBS series Wide Angle, about young Burmese victims of Cyclone Nargis.

News and Public Affairs: Nightly Programs:
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: The reports, segmented by story, per day.
Nightly Business Report: The reports stream online.
NJN News: The reports stream online for one week (see archives M-Tu-W-Th-F).
Worldfocus:The nightly news show streams online for 15 days; signature stories are online forever.

Charlie Rose:
Aug. 17: Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.
Aug. 18: China’s Ambassador to the US Zhou Wenzhong; a discussion of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s meeting with President Obama, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Steven Cook and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Michele Dunne.
Aug. 19: Author Robert Wright; author Jim Collins; an appreciation of 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt.
Aug. 20: Actor Sir Ben Kingsley; a talk on Obama’s leadership and health care with Doris Kearns Goodwin, Arianna Huffington and Ross Douthat.
Aug. 21: Director Quentin Tarantino.

Tavis Smiley:
Aug. 17: Former quarterback Warren Moon; actor Dylan McDermott.
Aug. 18: Singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson.
Aug. 19: Former Vermont governor Howard Dean; an appreciation of 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt.
Aug. 20: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. political theorist Benjamin Barber.
Aug. 21: Founder of the nonprofit healthcare relief organization Remote Area Medical (RAM) Stan Brock; actress Alexis Bleidel.

News and Public Affairs: Weekly Programs:
Washington Week: Public disenchantment over Obama’s health care reform plan; the insurance industry’s role in the health care debate; health insurance industry’s influence on legislative reform.
NOW on PBS: How a backlog in processing rape kits is affecting how justice is delivered on behalf of sexual abuse victims. Originally aired on April 24, 2009.
Bill Moyers Journal: A broadcast of the film Critical Condition, which tells the stories of three families coping without health insurance.
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly:

Consuelo Mack Wealthtrack: An interview with Andrew Lo, director, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering, in which he talks about hedge funds and how psychology affects the financial crisis.
New York Now. Town hall meetings on health care. Available for one week only.
Foreign Exchange: How the U.S. and China are dealing with climate change; a new film looks at oil and corruption in Equatorial Guinea; Russian foreign-policy after its war with Georgia.

News and Public Affairs:
Wide Angle: Eyes of the Storm: A film that takes a look at Burma’s orphans trying to survive in the wake of last year’s deadly cyclone.
P.O.V.: P.O.V. Shorts. From the PBS documentary series comes three short films: Utopia Part 3: The World’s Largest Shopping Mall looks at the world’s most gigantic mall in Guangzhou, China that is now deserted; City of Cranes offers a perspective of what it’s like to work up high on machinery; and Nutkin’s Last Stand about the English red squirrel.
American Masters: Don Hewitt: 90 Minutes on 60 Minutes. A 1998 documentary on the late Don Hewitt who created 60 Minutes, the most popular and long-running television newsmagazine series in broadcast history.

NOVA: Hunting the Hidden Dimension. This documentary explores the world of fractals as mathematicians try to examine its unique properties. Originally aired October 28, 2008.
NOVA scienceNOW: Public genomes; algae fuel;mystery of the Gakkel Ridge; profile: Yoky Matsuoka.

Antiques Roadshow: Los Angeles-Hour Two.
History Detectives: Mussolini Dagger; Liberia letter; N.E.A.R. device.

Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis, Series One: Expiation. Inspector Lewis investigates the mysterious death of a soccer mom. Available for online viewing through September 6, 2009.

Jacques Pepin: More Fast Food My Way: Viva Espana! Butter bean canap├ęs; bold and spicy gazpacho; shellfish and chicken paella; pineapple in dark rum sauce worth a trip to the kitchen.