Video: What’s Really Going On in the New York Senate

July 24th, 2009

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new local news series here at WNET.ORG Special Correspondent Rafael Pi Roman is always on top of the news that matters to New York, whether it’s the swine flu pandemic or the chaos in the New York State legislature. In “What’s Really Going On,” Rafael asks key questions to those in the know to help you sort through the issues of the day.

You can check out Rafael’s latest installment on the power struggle in the New York Senate below. Watch more videos, including coverage of the swine flu breakout in New York, here. Stay tuned there for more news in the coming weeks.

We’re also putting the “public” back into “public television.” If you have an idea or a story that you think Rafael should chase down for his next piece, leave us a comment below.