THIRTEEN video portal open for business

July 10th, 2009

I have two confessions to make.

First – I don’t have a TV.

Yes, I work for a broadcast company and I don’t own a television. But I watch TV shows. A lot of them.

Which leads me to my second confession. I’m addicted to Hulu and Netflix “watch instantly”.

I curl up in bed with my computer on my lap and decompress to an episode of Friday Night Lights, Starter Wife or Masterpiece Theatre.

That’s right, Masterpiece Theatre…my dirty little secret is that I’m hooked on bonnet dramas. So when PBS launched their video portal back in April, my obsession with British dramas collided with my consumption of online TV and there were fireworks. Metaphorically speaking.

A whole new world has opened up: Thirteen is no longer just your grandparents’ station. Or your kids’.

It’s for all of us.

When we want it. How we want it.

But there’s more.

Thirteen is working closely with PBS to beta test a local version of the video portal, which launched this week: We want our audience to have their PBS needs (British drama or otherwise) fulfilled right here at home. looks like the PBS portal but with added programming produced by us: The City Concealed, Reel 13 shorts, Worldfocus….and many more in the pipeline.

Hours of programming gets added every week.

It’s a one-stop-shop. Go straight to the program you want, or browse by genre or show title.

We’re still working out some technical kinks (we don’t use the term “beta” loosely), but we’re anxious to hear what you think. Leave a comment here or at

Thanks for watching – anywhere.

-debbie adler
director of online marketing