An Animated Forecast From Janice Huff

April 22nd, 2009

from: Neal Shapiro, President & CEO,

I’m a big fan of the weather forecast. And that’s due to Janice Huff – the terrific meteorologist at New York’s NBC affiliate, Channel 4. Back when I was President of NBC News, Janice and I were colleagues, and I’m happy to report we’re working together again. Well, in a manner of speaking . . . Actually, it’s Janice Huff – the animated version – who has been appearing on our hit kids series, Cyberchase.

As you may know – especially if you have young folks in your home – Cyberchase is the adventure series that teaches kids the fundamentals of math. This season, Cyberchase has launched a special Weather Watchers series that helps kids understand how math can be used to unlock the secrets of weather science.

Janice is the voice of animated character Stormy Gale, and appears live, too, sharing her meteorological expertise with the Cybersquad as they learn about math and weather together.

Janice’s colleagues over at NBC4 are proud of her and they couldn’t resist giving her – and Cyberchase – a little plug on the news the other day.

Thanks, Janice. Here’s to more sunshine in the days ahead.