Watch 2008 Peabody Award Winners Online

April 3rd, 2009

The intent of the Peabody Awards is to recognize the most outstanding achievements in electronic media, including radio, television, cable, and the internet. These are this year’s award-winners aired on THIRTEEN and PBS, and you can watch them all, in full, online.

The subject of P.O.V.’s Campaign,
Yamauchi Kazuhiko.
    P.O.V.: Campaign
    Watch documentary
    Soda Kazuhiro’s revealing, sometimes painfully funny documentary observed the ragged political campaign of a naif handpicked and backed by Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
    Depression: Out of the Shadows
    Watch documentary
    The documentary explored the many forms of depression and an expanding range of treatment strategies as it dispelled the stigma that often inhibits action and fostered hope.
    Washington Week with Gwen Ifill
    Watch weekly series
    Thoughtful, informed and timely, the political talk show that sets the standard for the genre supplemented its contribution to the national discourse in 2008 with a series of live events far outside the Beltway.
    NOVA: Ape Genius
    Watch documentary
    A synthesis of the latest research on the intelligence and creative capacity of gorillas and other great apes, this stimulating documentary also explored what it means to be human.
    Independent Lens: Mapping Stem Cell Research — Terra Incognita
    Watch documentary online (note: starts with a commercial); website
    Neither scientific facts nor ethical complexity nor emotional drama was sacrificed in this documentary about a neurologist who took up stem-cell research after his beloved daughter suffered a spinal injury.
    Independent Lens: King Corn
    website; NOT ONLINE
    Starting off like a post-grad goof — two college buddies plant one acre of corn and follow it to market — the documentary ended up raising questions about everything from crop subsidies to animal cruelty to our obesity epidemic: What’s in YOUR gullet?